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1.  Belgian Waffle                                          6.79

Waffle topped with whipped cream & pecans served with bananas and strawberries

2.  Plain Waffle                                               4.79

Make it blueberry for a buck more

3.  2+2                                                            6.99

pancakes + eggs (your style) OR bacon 


4.  2+2+2                                                       8.99

pancakes + eggs + bacon   


5.  3+3+3                                                      10.99

pancakes + eggs +bacon       


French Toast

Make it blueberry for a buck more

6.  2+2                                                            6.99

french toast + eggs (your style) 


7.  2+2+2                                                        8.59

french toast + eggs + bacon 


8.  3+3+3                                                       10.99

french toast + eggs +bacon                       

9.  Skinny                                                       3.59

one pancake &  one egg


10.  Breakfast Platter                                    14.99

2 pancakes, 2 bacon, 2 eggs (your way), 2 sausages, roasted potatoes & fruit

11.  Steak & Eggs                                         16.99

steak, 2 eggs(your way), 2 bacon, roasted potatoes, toast & fruit


Includes side order of fruit;

make it a croissant for a buck more

12.  Meat Lovers Panini or Wrap                 9.99

Freshly shaved meats: ham, turkey, chicken, and bacon, with egg, tomato, onion, & cheese, all pressed on a flatbread or tortilla wrap

13.  Good Fellow Panini or Wrap                7.99

Choice of black forest ham, turkey, or chicken with egg, bacon, tomato, onion, & cheese

14.  Salmon Bagel                                        10.99

Gravlax Salmon served on an open-faced bagel, topped with cream cheese compote, tomato, & onion

15.  Black Forest Bagel                                 7.99

Sliced black forest ham served on an open-faced bagel, tomato, onion, & bacon

16.  Buiscuit w Sausage n' Gravy                 3.99

Single biscuit topped with sausage gravy


 includes small drink & fruit       

17.  Open Faced Sandwich

2oz egg, ham & tomato

18.  Omelette

2oz egg, black forest ham, & cheese


19.  Silver Breakfast

2 oz egg, 2 small pancakes

20.  SENIORS SPECIAL                            8.99

substitute egg whites for .99 extra

2 eggs (your way) & bacon or sausage, served with a side of roasted potatoes, & toast; includes coffee


Azure blend of creamy scrambled eggs

with a side of fruit and toast

24.  Classic Scramble                                     6.99

with chopped ham, bacon, & cheese

25.  California Scramble                                 8.59
Mushrooms, tomato, bacon, & cheese, all carefully sautéed and topped with avocado


Includes side order of fruit & toast;

substitute egg whites for .99

21.  Deluxe Meat Lovers                                8.99
Eggs with a nice combination of meats: black forest ham, bacon, turkey & chicken, mixed with onion, bell  pepper, mushrooms, tomato, & cheese

22.  Azure Classic                                            7.99
Eggs with choice of one: ham, turkey or chicken, mixed with mushrooms, onion, tomato, bell pepper & cheese

23.  Veggie                                                      6.99
Eggs with freshly chopped mushrooms, onion, tomato, bell pepper and cheese



Two poached eggs served over a toasted English muffin, topped with a classic hollandaise sauce & served with a side order of fruit and house-roasted potatoes

26.  Traditional Benedict                                8.59

Canadian bacon

27.  Signature Benedict                                 8.59

Black Forest ham

28.  Chorizo Benedict                                     8.59

Chorizo sausage

29.  Italian Benedict                                        8.79

Italian sausage

30.  Salmon Benedict                                   12.99

Gravalax salmon13


          Avocado                  1.29

          O'Brien Potatoes    1 .79

          Bacon                       2.59

          Roasted Potatoes   1.79

          Bagel w cream cheese  1.99

          Single Benedict      2.99

          Banana                     0.79

          Single Egg               1.79

          Deli Chicken            1.99

          Single French Toast1.99

          Deli Ham                  1.99

          Single Pancake        1.99

          Deli Turkey              1.99

          Single Salmon Benedict     5.99

          Egg Whites              2.99

          Single Sausage       1.59

          Fruit sm bowl           1.79

          Fruit bowl large       1.79

          Single Toast             0.79

          Oatmeal sm             2.99

          Oatmeal Bowl         4.99

          Tortillas - (2) Corn    0.99

          Tortillas - (2) Flour   1.29



Spinach & Artichoke Dip                              6.99

Our creamy blend of spinach, infused with savory Jerusalem artichoke dip, served with pita points

Hummus Dip                                                  5.99

Mashed chickpeas, blended with garlic & a hint of tahini sauce, served with pita points


Pinwheels 4pc                                                5.99

Choice of one: ham, turkey, or sliced chicken with cream cheese and veggies

Bruschetta                                                      5.99

Fresh tomato, garlic, and olive oil, served on toasted Italian herb bread & topped with mozzarella cheese


Dressings: Ranch, Italian or Raspberry Vinaigrette


Mediterranean Style                                      7.99

Mixed greens, tomato, Kalama olives, feta cheese, banana peppers, red onion, cucumber, bell pepper & albacore tuna

Classic House                                                 5.99

Tasty mix of lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, cucumber, & red onion

Add Tuna or Chicken Salad for 2.99

Chef’s Salad                                                   7.99

Mixed greens, tomato, cheese, black forest ham & turkey Julienne, bell pepper & cucumber

Chicken Caesar Salad                                   8.99

Crispy lettuce, parmesan Reggiano cheese, topped with creamy Caesar salad dressing

Ahi Tuna Salad                                              10.99

Seared Sashimi style, ahi tuna, served on a bed of greens & topped with avocado, tomato, shredded carrots & garnished with wontons & oriental dressing

Steak & Wedge Salad                                   12.99

Seared steak and lettuce wedge topped with tomato, red onion, bacon, avocado, feta cheese and house bleu cheese dressing


Includes Chips or Fries and a Kosher Pickle

All American Beef                                         9.99
Topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon &
American cheese

Add a Fried Egg for 1.99

A’la Mexicana                                                12.99
Topped with crispy lettuce, tomato,
bacon, cheese, avocado, ham & fried egg

Turkey                                                             9.99
Topped with crispy lettuce, tomato, bacon
& provolone cheese

Griddle Chicken Breast                                 9.99
Topped with crispy lettuce, tomato,
bacon, & provolone cheese

Salmon                                                           11.99
With Chipotle mayonnaise, crispy lettuce,
tomato & cheese

Vegetarian                                                      9.99
Vegetarian patty lettuce, tomato, avocado
& Humus Spread

Soup du’ Jour
every day is different, ask server for details


Bowl ….                    4.59

Cup……                    2.99



Includes chips, pickle spear, &

iced tea or fountain drink

Bread: Flat, Baguette, Tortilla Wrap, White or Whole Grain - Make it a Croissant for a buck more

California Turkey                                        9.99

A juicy and flavorful sliced turkey with mayonnaise spread, lettuce, tomato, crispy bacon, avocado & cheese

Black Forest Ham                                      8.59

Shaved black forest ham with mayonnaise spread, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, bell pepper,

bacon & cheese

Deli Style Chicken Slice                            9.59

Chicken breast with mayonnaise spread,

lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, bell pepper,

bacon & cheese


Reuben                                                      11.59

A center cut of corned beef with melted

imported Swiss cheese, topped with sauerkraut .

and our house Russian dressing

Azure Muffuletta                                        9.99

Sliced ham, Italian pepperoni, Blanco dí Oro,

roasted eggplant, melted provolone cheese,

lettuce, and tomato with basil pesto mayonnaise


Tuna Salad                                                  8.99

Albacore tuna mixed with mayonnaise, crunchy celery, topped with cucumber, tomato, cheese

& a lettuce leaf

Chicken Salad                                            9.59

Azure-style chicken salad, mixed with mayonnaise, crunchy celery, topped with cucumber, tomato & cheese

Vegan Wrap (ask server for details)          9.99

A 10” jumbo spinach tortilla filled with a chef’s vegan choice


              Chips                1.50

                    Pickle Spear       .59
                    Jalapeño            .59
                     Fries                1.99

                     Tuna Scoop                    2.99

                    Chicken Salad Scoop    2.99

                    Griddled Chicken          4.99

                    Salmon                           8.99

                    Toasted Pita bread        1.29


8” flatbread with marinara sauce

Italian Pepperoni                    5.99
Pepperoni & cheese blend

Cheesy Blend                         5.29
Rich cheese blend

Hawaiian                                 5.99
Ham, pineapple & cheese

Veggie                                   5.29
Mushrooms, bell pepper, onion, & cheese

Italian Supreme Style           7.99
Italian Pepperoni, Italian Salami, onion,
mushrooms, bell pepper, jalapeño slices
and cheese blend

PASTA                                 8.59


Fettuccine Alfredo

Traditional creamy Garlic Sauce, topped
with imported Parmesan cheese

Penne A’ la Marinara
Fire Roasted Tomatoes with Italian Herbs
topped with Mozzarella and Parmesan

Add: Shrimp 6.99 Chicken 4.99
Salmon 8.99

Includes Iced Tea or Fountain Drink & Chips

Macaroni & Cheese                                    5.99
Grilled Cheese                                            4.99
Ham & Cheese                                            6.99

Ham & cheese sandwich with a side of kosher pickle spear



Coffee           2.29

Hot Tea         2.29

Milk     (no refills)

      reg           2.59     

      kids          1.99

Ch Milk   (no refills)

       reg          2.59   

       kids         2.29

Juice     (no refills)

       reg          2.89

       kids         2.39

Dasani Water            1.99

(no refills)

Iced Tea                      2.59

sweet, un-sweet, raspberry, peach, watermelon, peach, or cucumber

Fountain Drink            2.59

coke, sprite, diet coke, dr. pepper,  & lemonade

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